Qigong: The Art of Ancient Biohacking

Written By: Sky Yang In our quest for self-improvement and human potential, the term “biohacking” has emerged as a compelling concept in recent times (1980’s). This broad term encompasses various methods aimed at altering aspects of our biology to enhance performance, health, and well-being. From wearable technology, genetic engineering to nootropics, nutrigenomics, implant technology andContinue reading “Qigong: The Art of Ancient Biohacking”

The Force

Written By: Sky Yang The Force flows through anything and is part of everything. Just like Qi, Qi is about the life force that exists with every single thing. The idea of Jedi knights was heavily influenced by Asian Culture from Taoist sages, Buddhist monks, Hindu yogis, and Japanese samurais all involves an aspect ofContinue reading “The Force”

How Qigong Helped Me Gain Emotional Balance

Written By: Elly Burgonio Emotions are part of the human system, and it’s something we inevitably have as humans and what separates us from most of the other beings in this world. However, it is not always sure that we know precisely how to deal with them when they come. It can also sometimes affectContinue reading “How Qigong Helped Me Gain Emotional Balance”

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A Zen Story : True Prosperity

Written By: Sky Yang A rich man asked a zen master to write something for the continued prosperity of his family so that it can be treasured from generation to generation. The zen master wrote on a large sheet of paper, “Father dies, Son dies, Grandson dies.” The rich man became furious upon reading theContinue reading “A Zen Story : True Prosperity”

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A Zen Story : The Sound Of One Hand

Written By: Sky Yang A Zen master once had a young protégé who was only twelve yrs old. Day after day, the young protege watches the older disciples visit the master’s room each morning and evening to receive instruction in Sanzen (personal guidance) in which they were given parables to ponder. The young protege wishedContinue reading “A Zen Story : The Sound Of One Hand”

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