Qigong: The Art of Ancient Biohacking

Written By: Sky Yang In our quest for self-improvement and human potential, the term “biohacking” has emerged as a compelling concept in recent times (1980’s). This broad term encompasses various methods aimed at altering aspects of our biology to enhance performance, health, and well-being. From wearable technology, genetic engineering to nootropics, nutrigenomics, implant technology andContinue reading “Qigong: The Art of Ancient Biohacking”

Opening the Chakras with Qigong Atendees

This authenticates that the following participants attended this workshop: The Qigong Exploration Series event, “Opening the Chakras with Qigong,” held on July 16, 2023, was a resounding success. Led by our founder Sky Yang, participants received valuable guidance on opening and balancing their chakras through Qigong practice. The event provided informative content, interactive elements, andContinue reading “Opening the Chakras with Qigong Atendees”

Qigong Exploration Series: Opening the Chakras with Qigong

Join us for an enlightening journey of self-discovery and inner harmony at our upcoming event, “Opening the Chakras with Qigong”. Prepare to unlock the profound energy centers within you as we delve into the ancient practice of Qigong, a holistic approach to well-being that revitalizes the body the mind and the spirit. Whether you areContinue reading “Qigong Exploration Series: Opening the Chakras with Qigong”

Paul Ocampo

The course met my expectations, beginner friendly and understandable. I like the separation of theory and practice videos, it gives structure to the course. Even though I prefer to learn live in person, this was convenient because I can attend the online classes even though I have work, it’s much better than not being ableContinue reading “Paul Ocampo”

Trisha Uy

Practicing & learning Qigong gave me better posture & more energy. It brought me better understanding of how it helps my body & awareness to how my body feels. Excited to learn more!

Valerie Ty

Initially, I didn’t expect much out of the course as I thought it wasmore of a fitness practice I could try. But the experience gave me much more than that. I could feel the difference in my body during the first session. The practice reallycreated a calmness in my life beyond the sessions.

Timothy Uy

When I first began, training was difficult, I felt sore. When the pain gradually disappeared I felt that I had more energy after each practice. I could not sleep for quite some time after. This helped me understand that qigong can really improve my health and vitality

Pat Go

This course proved insightful and eye opening. It showed how the practice of qigong improves one’s health and one’s life if done properly. Teacher Sky is the living proof of this.