Yoga Shala

At its core, yoga is an ancient practice that aims to unify the physical, mental and spiritual in pursuit of freedom, and peace. Dating from roughly 800 BC to 400 AD, it traces back its origins to the Upanishads – a collection of yogic text written in poetic verses.

Most people are familiar with the physical yoga poses, however, yoga is more than a form of movement or exercise.

It is a philosophy that bleeds through life. Yoga is a path towards transformation and purification. It highlights our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, and helps facilitate change when these no longer serve us. It purifies the body and it connects our consciousness to our surroundings. 

Yoga is transformative. It is a path to self-discovery and true freedom. 

Shala is a Sanskrit word that means “home.” Traditionally, it is an architectural area with four sides open embellished and fortified with overhanging eaves that protect inhabitants from the seasons. It is an area where communities can gather and share the experience of their practice together. 

A yoga shala is a safe space for learning and self-development. Within the confines of this sacred space, there is only one goal – to be a better human being, mindful, connected, and self-aware, through the practice of yoga. 

At Qi Yoga Life, we aim to guide people towards finding the best version of themselves. Our practices go beyond the physical. Each session on the mat may resonate towards every aspect of your life. 

We offer various yoga practices that fit every lifestyle and personal goal. Our main focus is Yin, Gravity Yoga, Meditation and BreathWork. 

We are excited to embark on this journey of the self with you. Qi Yoga Life is a yoga shala, and we are happy to welcome you home.

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