About Us

Qi Yoga Life was founded in May 2020, in the midst of a pandemic. It started when a couple of yoga practitioners banded together with an idea: to build a yoga community that can be accessed worldwide. The kind that would, in a few years time, become home not only to seasoned yogis but also to new practitioners who needs guidance on how to live the yogic way.


Our mission is to go beyond achieving posture practices. Our goal is to create a community of people who applies yogic principles in their daily lives, aiming to achieve balance and harmony between the mind, body, and spirit, both individually and in relationship with the world around us.


Our vision is to provide a community around the world where everyone can practice the Tao on and off the mat. We envision that our mission is delivered by a group of yogis who are compassionate and professional and would help support and respect practitioners who are interested in living the yogic way to promote health and wellness in all aspects of their lives.

Core Values

We value the practice for social, emotional, physical, intellectual and community health and well being it supports. Driven by Compassion, striving for Constant Growth and Following the Principles of Nature.

Recent Blog Posts:

The Force

Written By: Sky Yang The Force flows through anything and is part of everything. Just like Qi, Qi is about the life force that exists with every single thing. The idea of Jedi knights was heavily influenced by Asian Culture from Taoist sages, Buddhist monks, Hindu yogis, and Japanese samurais all involves an aspect ofContinue reading “The Force”

Open Air Yoga: May 11, 2022

Join us for an outdoor Yoga Class at Decathlon, Pasig on Wednesday, May 11,2022 at 7:00 PM. Led by Teacher Kat, this is an open-level class suitable for beginners and people with regular practice. LIMITED SLOTS AVAILABLE. SIGN UP NOW! *GCash: 0968-854-4085* Should you wish to pay via bank transfer, please email us at qiyogalife@gmail.com

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