The Filipino Fisherman

Written By: Sky Yang Over the years I’ve came by many stories, and today, I will share one that hopefully, allows some food for thought.…

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The Force

Written By: Sky Yang The Force flows through anything and is part of everything. Just like Qi, Qi is about the life force that exists…

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Healing With Qigong

Written By: Sky Yang About a month ago, our budgie Q got into an accident, leaving him with a broken leg. The once energetic naughty…

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A Zen story : A Parable

Written By: Sky Yang Buddha told a short story in the sutra: There was once a man traveling across a jungle. He encounters a tiger,…

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A Zen Story : Cup of Tea

Written By: Sky Yang Once a Zen master received a university professor who came to learn the ways of Zen. The zen master prepared tea,…

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A Zen Story: Crossing the River

Written By: Sky Yang Two monks were once traveling together into town. They went through a shortcut passing through the woods. Half way through their…

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Healing the Natural Way

Written By: Sky Yang Like everybody, yogis experience the ups and downs in life, I have gone through my own depression. Unlike what others would…

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Deeper in Practice

Written By: Katrina Del Espiritu Santo I joined my first yoga class for very petty reasons. It was in a gym studio, and from outside,…

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What is Qi Yoga Life?

Written By: Sky Yang Qi Yoga Life is a community with the purpose of connecting people who are on their spiritual journey, together, sharing arts…

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