The Force

Written By: Sky Yang The Force flows through anything and is part of everything. Just like Qi, Qi is about the life force that exists with every single thing. The idea of Jedi knights was heavily influenced by Asian Culture from Taoist sages, Buddhist monks, Hindu yogis, and Japanese samurais all involves an aspect ofContinue reading “The Force”

Healing With Qigong

Written By: Sky Yang About a month ago, our budgie Q got into an accident, leaving him with a broken leg. The once energetic naughty creature, a puppy with wings, as I would call it, has now become shackled by his dead leg. Of course, we did not rely solely on alternative medicine because IContinue reading “Healing With Qigong”

Zen story : Reciting Scriptures

Written By: Sky Yang A farmer requested a monk to recite sutras (scriptures) for his late wife, who had died. After the recitation was over, the farmer asked “Do you think my wife will gain merits from this?” “Not only your wife, but all sentient beings will benefit from the recitation of sutras” said theContinue reading “Zen story : Reciting Scriptures”

A Zen Story : True Prosperity

Written By: Sky Yang A rich man asked a zen master to write something for the continued prosperity of his family so that it can be treasured from generation to generation. The zen master wrote on a large sheet of paper, “Father dies, Son dies, Grandson dies.” The rich man became furious upon reading theContinue reading “A Zen Story : True Prosperity”

A Zen story : A Parable

Written By: Sky Yang Buddha told a short story in the sutra: There was once a man traveling across a jungle. He encounters a tiger, locked eyes with the beast and instantly decided to make a run for it. Sure enough, the tiger pursuits after him. Coming to a precipice, he leaped over and caughtContinue reading “A Zen story : A Parable”

A Zen Story : Cup of Tea

Written By: Sky Yang Once a Zen master received a university professor who came to learn the ways of Zen. The zen master prepared tea, they sat, and the master begins to pour his guest a cup. He poured the tea to the brim, and then kept on pouring. The professor watched the overflowing teaContinue reading “A Zen Story : Cup of Tea”


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