A Zen Story: ”Who Knows What’s Good or Bad”

Written By: Sky Yang

Once a farmer lost his horse, the neighbor came and said, “I heard you’ve lost your horse, sorry about the bad news.” The farmer simply replied “Who knows whats good or bad?”.

A few days later, that horse came back, and it brought back 15 other horses.

At the time, if an animal is on your land, you’re the rightful owner. So, the neighbor saw all his new horses came over to congratulate him of the extra ordinary luck, the farmer simply replied “Who knows what’s good or bad?”.

A couple of days later, the farmer’s oldest son was riding one of the new horses and falls off and breaks his legs. The neighbor, who’s on top of everybody’s business, comes over and says, “oh man, what luck, Sorry to hear your son broke his legs, that’s messed up, those damn horses.” The farmer remained calm and simply replied “Who knows what’s good or bad?”.

Days later, the King of the whole kingdom was looking to expand his territory, so he sent his generals to draft young men to go to war.

The general arrived at the farmers house looking for his oldest son. Just so happened that his oldest son had a broken leg, so he didn’t have to go to war.

So, who knows what’s good or bad?

First published in http://www.skyyang.yoga

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