The Filipino Fisherman

Written By: Sky Yang

Over the years I’ve came by many stories, and today, I will share one that hopefully, allows some food for thought.

Once there was a wealthy, retired foreigner vacationing in the islands of the Philippines.

One morning as he sat by the beach, enjoying his beverage with his family, he saw a small boat making its way towards the shore.

Upon docking, out comes a fisherman holding a woven basket. Curious, the foreigner asked how the catch was that day.

The fisherman smiled and said “Good! Caught quite a few fishes.”

The foreigner then ask, “How long did it took you to catch those fishes?”

The fisherman Responded, “Not long, there were plenty of fishes!”

Being the quick-witted entrepreneur, the foreigner asked then “Why didn’t you stay longer and catch more?”

“Oh because this is enough to feed my family for the day” the fisherman replied.

“So, what do you do for the rest of the day?” the foreigner asked.

The fisherman replied “I go home to my family and play with my kids. In the afternoon, I take my family to the beach, cook fishes for them and have a glass of wine with my wife and chill until the evening comes.”

The foreigner quickly replied, “I am a very successful businessman and I can help you become successful. I see a lot of potential here! Listen, from now on you stay out at sea longer each day and catch as many fishes as you possibly can.”

The fisherman replied “And then what?”

The foreigner replied “Then you come back and sell it in the market, save up enough money for you to buy a bigger boat and hire some fishermen so that you can catch even more fish!”

The fisherman replied “And then what?”

The foreigner says, “And then soon, you will be able to buy more boats and create a big company and put it up on stock exchange eventually selling your business and become a Billionaire. By then, you can move your family out of this island!”

The fisherman says “How long will this take?”

The foreigner replied “About 20 years”.

The fisherman replied “And then what after that?”

The foreigner smiled and says “Then you retire! Take vacations in the islands with your family and cook them food by the beach and enjoy glasses of wine with your wife and chill until the evening comes!”

The fisherman replied, “So, after 20 years of doing all that I could do what I am already doing today?”

The foreigner was silenced. The fisherman smiled, extended his gratitude and bid his good bye.

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