Healing With Qigong

Written By: Sky Yang

About a month ago, our budgie Q got into an accident, leaving him with a broken leg. The once energetic naughty creature, a puppy with wings, as I would call it, has now become shackled by his dead leg. Of course, we did not rely solely on alternative medicine because I believe that all treatment has their place and time, and they are best working together. A day after the accident, we took him to the local veterinarian and had him checked. The doctor said his bones were too small to be x-rayed, so he couldn’t tell what the exact problem was and that there was only a slim chance of it ever working again as the leg was entirely lifeless. He gave Q a splint cast, some vitamins, and steroids to take home for the next ten days, and he told us if Q’s leg still doesn’t work by then we will have to amputate it because if we keep the leg there, Q could get an infection and that may become life-threatening.

The once naughty bird is now tamed, mostly resting and less chirping. However, whenever sickness arises, I always see it as an opportunity to put my practices into action. After all, it is one of the ways it was meant to be used. So daily, I would use my Healing Palm Qigong to heal Q, and he would always seem to allow me to do it willingly. As you can see in the picture below, he is enjoying the process with his eyes closed.

Ten days have gone by, we didn’t want to go back to the vet as we didn’t want to amputate his leg, and I always believed we would be able to heal his leg, so we decided to remove the splint cast on our own hoping his leg would be working. However, it did not. It was still limp and lifeless, and he would always lean on one side and rely his whole weight on the working leg. A good reminder at this point is that, alternative medicine and the path of healing is not a magic bullet and these processes takes time.

The good thing was that Q didn’t let this mishap drag down his spirit, a few days after the splint cast was removed, he went back to work. The resiliency in these birds was at full display, and it was remarkable. We also never gave up on the Qigong Healing Palms and it went on daily…

Three weeks went by, and at this point, we have made peace with the thought that perhaps he would live just fine with one leg. We did feel that his energy was increasing daily. However, we didn’t lose hope. In our hearts, we know he’ll heal.

And then the day came, much to our surprise, one morning we noticed he was using his broken leg to walk, and the claws were moving. He was trying to grip on to things once again. Of course, it wasn’t fully functioning; the grip barely held, but we were just glad that it had gotten back its senses. I also continued with Qigong Healing Palms and made a mental note to do so until he fully recovers.

As I write this blog, Q is now finally back to his usual self, the energetic, naughty pup of a bird that he is.

To sum up Q’s healing journey, we understand the importance of modern medicine (Qi can support healing of a broken bone or an infection, etc.). Still, we also know there is a place for alternative medicine (e.g., inflammation, nerve damage, blockages in the internal flow. etc. ). In this case, where modern medicine was exhausted with nothing more they could do, alternative medicine shined—empowering the patient and the healer with hope and possibilities. So why not make use of both?

Hospitals in China and Taiwan have been using alternative medicine for prevention, healing, rehabilitation, and maintenance for centuries, and it has proven to be effective.

Q may have healed himself without Qigong, but he may also have lost a leg without us practicing healing hands on him. It could even be that Qigong sped up the healing process or even made healing possible altogether. But at the end of the day, we are just glad our loved one (even a bird) made a full recovery.

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