Anchored on Yoga: How the Practice Can Keep You Calm

Written By: Troy Bernardo

When the lockdown began, I was lucky enough to be in La Union, living in a house just a few steps from the beach, surrendering completely to a rural, provincial existence. We cleaned up the yard, started planting vegetables, and as the days stretched into weeks, began harvesting the leaves I’d use in the daily green smoothies I make for my housemates. 

It sounds idyllic, of course, but we did go through our own journeys: three independent people, who’ve lived alone for a long time, find themselves stuck together, exposed to each other’s habits, quirks and vices, not to mention characters, emotions, and personalities. 

What kept me grounded, focused and centered was yoga. 

First, a constant yoga practice opens the heart up, whether we are conscious of it or not; and, an expanded heart is always filled with gratitude. Once we get into a state of gratitude, we open ourselves up to situations that provide us with more reasons to be grateful. If being able to stand up straight is enough to be thankful for, then balancing on one leg is already a miracle. Starting your day cloaked in gratitude allows us to receive miracles throughout the day.

Second, yoga clears the mind. This purification kept me looking inward to things that I needed to clear: anger, frustration, control, and those negative Scorpion traits. Once we look inward, intending to release all of our concerns, issues and worries; all blame, guilt and shame; and, all bitterness, resentment and vengefulness, then we get the courage, the strength, to face ourselves, all aspects of it, particularly those we don’t like. Being able to do so is the only way we can find peace. 

Third, yoga fuels us with spiritual energy. Every breath, in yoga and pranayama,  oxygenates the cells, clears up our meridians, and pushes us toward a faster spiritual progress. Finding, and living one’s purpose; being in a state of awareness, expanded consciousness and mindfulness at all times; and, seeing everything, and everyone, around us as a reflection of our Selves — these are just a few of the miracles that happen when we merge with our spiritual selves.  

In the end, being Infinite Source, and realizing our Infinite Source-ness, makes everything around us just melt away, and we find ourselves transformed, happy that we’ve found a way to enjoy life, ourselves and the power we have to alter our reality. 

I constantly thank my Higher Self, my Soul, that part of me that is Infinite Source, for making me go through all those dark nights of the soul, using yoga to remind me that there is more to life than just the physical realm, and making sure that I’d find myself by the beach when the global pandemic happens, in order to evolve, grow, and transform together with my soul tribe. 

My Higher Self chose well.

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