A Zen Story : Publishing the Sutras (scriptures)

Written By: Sky Yang Long ago in Japan, a devotee of zen decided to publish the sutras (scriptures), which at the time were only available in Chinese. The books were to be printed with wood blocks in an edition of seven thousand copies, a tremendous task. So he began by traveling and collecting donations forContinue reading “A Zen Story : Publishing the Sutras (scriptures)”

A Zen Story: Crossing the River

Written By: Sky Yang Two monks were once traveling together into town. They went through a shortcut passing through the woods. Half way through their travels, they were met with a river cutting across their path. As they prepare to cross the river, they noticed a young and beautiful woman in a fine dress alongContinue reading “A Zen Story: Crossing the River”

A zen story: “The Gates of Heaven”

Written By: Sky Yang There was once a skilled Samurai who was on his journey. He had reached a certain level of mastery that he began experiencing a deeper dimension in life through his practice. Puzzled by his thoughts, he visited a zen master. He asked, “Is there really heaven and hell?”. “Who are you?”Continue reading “A zen story: “The Gates of Heaven””

A Zen Story: ”This Too Shall Pass”

Written by: Sky Yang A king once had all the wealth, but he felt continuously torn between happiness and agony and, he would often go into states of rage, disappointment, and depression. He knew something is not right because he had all the material things money can buy, yet his peace and happiness are neverContinue reading “A Zen Story: ”This Too Shall Pass””

A Zen Story: ”Who Knows What’s Good or Bad”

Written By: Sky Yang Once a farmer lost his horse, the neighbor came and said, “I heard you’ve lost your horse, sorry about the bad news.” The farmer simply replied “Who knows whats good or bad?”. A few days later, that horse came back, and it brought back 15 other horses. At the time, ifContinue reading “A Zen Story: ”Who Knows What’s Good or Bad””

Anchored on Yoga: How the Practice Can Keep You Calm

Written By: Troy Bernardo When the lockdown began, I was lucky enough to be in La Union, living in a house just a few steps from the beach, surrendering completely to a rural, provincial existence. We cleaned up the yard, started planting vegetables, and as the days stretched into weeks, began harvesting the leaves I’dContinue reading “Anchored on Yoga: How the Practice Can Keep You Calm”