Serial Number: 2320003

Certificate of Authenticity

This digital certificate guarantees the authenticity of your unique one of a kind Orgone Generator which is handmade from the finest quality by Qi Yoga Life, with proper care this Orgone generator will bring you continuous positive energy indefinitely.

Your Orgone Generator’s Unique Composition is an amalgamation of elemental forces and meticulously chosen materials. All three components have certain properties that have different impacts on the orgonite and the corresponding energies.

METAL SHAVINGS:  The metals in the orgonite are known to attract and accumulate the aetheric energy that is all around. Once gathered, the energy is transformed into positive one and sent out again.

ALUMINUM: Since aluminum is the most easily available metal; it is used more often on making orgone devices. In research of properties of aetheric energies and metals, aluminum reflects aetheric energies more strongly than any other metal.

COPPER: The metal copper is good of electricity and can also be used to transfer spiritual energies as well. It is primarily used for healing, love and luck.

RESIN: Resin which is used as a component in making up the orgonite shrinks during the curing process (as it is liquid, curing process helps to harden it). While it shrinks it simultaneously and permanently squeezes the quartz crystals inside creating a piezoelectric effect in the crystal lattice. Due to this process the crystal end are electrically charged and cause the Orgonite to function more effectively.

CRYSTALS: Each of the crystals has a unique property and characteristic.

Your orgone generator is a substance which functions as a self-driven, continuously operating, highly efficient energy transmutation device, drawing in negative energy and transmuting it into positive life energy.

Please Handle with Care — the only thing you need to do is to Treat your Orgone Generator with the reverence it deserves, as it is a unique handcrafted work of art.

Each piece has its natural flaws and its own beauty, appreciate it as it is and it will bring you the loving energy of life times.

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