Taichi Foundational Course Graduation

This authenticates that the following participants successfully completed this course:

Amy Alarilla

Ding Cruz

Antonino Fajardo

Mishelle Rose Fernando

Pat Go

Paul Bryan Ocampo

Qi Yoga Life’s Qigong Academy concluded Batch 2023 Taichi Foundational Certification Course August 1, 2023, a deep dive into the foundational form of the Lam Style TaiChi, an efficient and powerful method crafted by the world-renowned authority in Qigong and Taichi, Master Lam Kam Chuen.

Participants were immersed in a comprehensive 9-week program, enabling them to grasp the depth and intricacies of the foundational Form of the Lam Style Taichi. This approach ensures high effectiveness without compromising on the richness of the practice.

Furthermore, in the process participants were taught important Qigong practices which supported their Taichi training, endowing this entire process with a unique blend of fullness, inner strength, and power.

This combination, which leverages movement and stillness, resonated deeply with the attendees, many of whom extolled its transformative impact.


”The 9 week Tai chi foundational course led me to a deeper understanding of this martial art form and the course is a fail-safe design that will definitely get you practicing on your own. “– Ding Cruz


“The Taichi Foundational Course is quite difficult, but very fulfilling. It teaches us to be conscious of our bodies and of how we move, helping us to always keep the Chi flowing in our lives and our bodies, for the better.”– Pat Go


”Wonderful Course! I felt the authenticity of the form that was taught to us. I highly value tradition so knowing the lineage of where the art came from and how the previous masters’ wisdom was passed on was proof that the form is effective and long term benefits can be achieved. I can already feel the internal healing happening in this beginning of my Taichi journey.”– Paul Bryan Ocampo


“Learning the Lam Style Small Circle Form is the start of my Tai Chi journey. Doing Tai Chi helps me in my movement, staying grounded, more focused while moving with more fluidity & intentionality. It also helps one internally it is meditation in motion which helps one feel more relaxed & balanced.”– Amy Alarilla


”It was a great and fun experience for me. I’m on my 3rd trimester when I join the class and it helps my pregnancy easier. It makes me feel lighter. It’s like a gentle workout but gives you strength and energy. It also helps me to be more mindful too, just enjoy and go with the flow. My mind, body, and spirit feels like in balance. Taichi is one of the practices I want to keep for life. Thank you Qiyoga Life.”– Mishelle Rose Fernando


”The course was a journey in self-discovery. As the course progressed, I realized that there was more to it than just the form and the movement. I can only call it a “feeling” right now, that comes with, or maybe is a result of, the movements. And I’m open to see what’s next!”– Antonino Fajardo

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