Taichi for Health

In this certification course, you’ll learn the Foundational Form of Lam Style Tai Chi. A method built based on classical Tai Chi styles, developed by Master Lam Kam Chuen, a world-renowned authority in Qigong and Tai Chi.

It is characterized by its high effectiveness and requires only a minimum of space and time.

This form can be learned in a compact 9-weeks program.

The depth and efficacy of the classical-long forms, which typically take several years to learn, are well preserved.

Another distinctive feature of Lam Style Tai Chi is its close connection to Zhan Zhuang Qigong which allows this Tai Chi to attain its unique fullness, inner power, and strength.

“Recent studies show that Tai Chi can help improve both lower- and upper-body muscle strength, build better balance, reduce stress, strengthen your heart, lower blood pressure, improve flexibility, slow the onset of dementia, help relieve the pain of rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia and more.”

Harvard Health Publishing


During this 9 weeks course, you will learn the following:

  • Lam Style Tai Chi foundational form
  • Necessary Qigong preparations to develop the full potential of Tai Chi.
  • Aspects of the philosophical background, application of movements in the martial arts, and references to Chinese medicine.
  • At the end of this course, you will be equipped to practice Taichi independently.
  • Certificate Upon Completion (Must Pass the Full Taichi Form Exam)
  • Successful completion of this course also grants you eligibility to be an inner circle member to deepen your practice.

*there will be no recordings of zoom classes, so be sure you are available to join the weekly zoom meetings*

Please note that this practice can be physically demanding.

Participation in this course is the participant’s own responsibility.



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Before the Course Starts

Full Package

(In Person)

In this package you will experience the entire course live in-person and embark on a 9 weeks journey of learning the complete Foundational Tai Chi form.

When: Starts June 07, 2023

Wednesday’s | 7:00 PM MNL

Duration: Once a week every Wednesday for 9 Weeks.

Where: Kapitolyo, Pasig

Full Package


In this package you will experience the entire course live Online and embark on a 9 weeks journey of learning the complete Foundational Tai Chi form.

When: Starts June 03, 2023

Saturday’s | 4:00 PM MNL

Duration: Once a week every Saturday for 9 Weeks, Each Session will take about 60 minutes.

Platform: Zoom

“Tai Chi when practiced correctly and regularly brings pliability of a child, the health of a lumberjack and the peace of mind of a sage.”



“Initially, I didn’t expect much out of the course as I thought it was more of a fitness practice I could try. But the experience gave me much more than that. I could feel the difference in my body during the first session. The practice really created a calmness in my life beyond the sessions.”– Valerie Ty


“When I first began, training was difficult, I felt sore. When the pain gradually disappeared I felt that I had more energy after each practice. I could not sleep for quite some time after. This helped me understand that qigong can really improve my health and vitality.”– Timothy Uy


“Teacher Sky really taught & gave a good base for me to learn qigong. Very different from simply watching youtube videos.”– Samantha Lim


“The course met my expectations, beginner friendly and understandable. I like the separation of theory and practice videos, it gives structure to the course. Even though I prefer to learn live in person, this was convenient because I can attend the online classes even though I have work, it’s much better than not being able to learn at all.”– Paul Ocampo


“Practicing & learning Qigong gave me better posture & more energy. It brought me better understanding of how it helps my body & awareness to how my body feels. Excited to learn more!”– Trisha Uy


“Learning and practicing qigong help me so much with my health issues. It taught me to bring balance, support & harmony to my well- being.”– Anna Tanyag


“My experience with the Qigong Foundational Course with Sky Yang was unexpectedly light yet grounding, calming yet strengthening. The Zhan Zhuang system is a necessary practice for a strong foundation for any Qigong practitioner. The pace was beginner friendly, while the build up each week provided challenge that helped me grow in my personal practice.”– Marie Gutierrez


“This course proved insightful and eye opening. It showed how the practice of qigong improves one’s health and one’s life if done properly. Teacher Sky is the living proof of this.”– Pat Go


“I long have wanted to learn a good qigong practice and to be guided by a good teacher. It has been a good experience with Qi Yoga Life and Teacher Sky. As an acupuncturist and life coach I often feel really drained after work. through Qigong I learn how to replenish and restore my energy benefiting me and my patients as well – so I can serve them better. After each Zhan Zhuang session I feel stronger, the pain I experience, if any, lessens and I feel my energy is restored.”– Amy Alarilla


“Learning Qigong has helped me find my center and be more calm, it gave me more strength and energy in my daily practices. I recommend it to all. It is beneficial for any age.”– Carissa Evangelista


“With Qigong my back feels better my skin glows as well, and my posture got better, as an energy worker i can also feel how strong the energy we cultivate with each session.”– Sohpie Manguera


“I enjoyed learning through the Qigong Foundational Course, a low impact practice compare to other movement practices, yet delivers great benefits! I love how this system integrates the different elements of nature!”– Jovilyn Cotio


“Qigong helped me release & heal from emotional & psychological stress that i have been dealing with, and gave me a better posture, less body aches and most of all a better outlook in life to find happiness.”– May Ramos


“Sky is a great Qi Gong teacher and he has put together an interactive course with theory and practice, with streaming and live classes So you can get the most out of learning the great art and tradition of Qi Gong..”– Bryan Summer


“Learning the basics of Qigong helped me understand principles and hopefully build on these for future and more advanced practices. I want to gain more knowledge on this so I can bring it with me to realign, heal and enrich myself and maybe even those around me. I think this practice is very sustainable and relevant as life becomes noisier and more complex.”– Leila Lagadia


“I find every practice a very grounding experience. It’s really helpful for me as an empath as it helps me bring myself back to my center. I feel like the more I practice qigong the more effective my reiki healing will be and now I know how to protect and rejuvenate myself which makes me a sustainable healer. ”– Nikka Rañola


“I have been a dancer for a long time, and dancing allowed me to connect with movement as a form of art, expression, and meditation. After studying this course and practicing Zhan Zhuang, it allowed me to connect with stillness as well. This course reminded me how important it is to be grounded and stay rooted and how powerful it is, to listen to your body. Power doesn’t always have to be intimidating, power can…– Elly Burgonio


“It was good to have a structured course in Zhan Zhuang as I wanted to increase my practice of it. I like how simple the postures are and the theory was just enough to understand them.”– Faith Cobbum


“I’ve been into healing and into strengthening my mind, body, and spirit since the pandemic started. I’m happy that I found Qigong. The first time I tried it, I felt lighter and relaxed and the more I practice it, it makes me feel good, healthy, and strong. I also love the theory classes, understanding them makes the practice easier. It’s also feels meditative because after the practice I’ve become more mindful and more relaxed. It…– Mishelle Rose Fernando


“After weeks of being part of Qi Yoga Life’s Foundational Course, I felt stronger after every practice. I believed that was enough for me to cultivate the calmness and strength I needed to help me through the hike I faced going up the Sierra Madre mountains at Masungi Georeserve in Rizal. I was beginning to learn how to navigate a new terrain that consists of different paths I needed to pass through: up on that mountain, …– Betti Bernabe


“Theory and practice was smooth and beginner friendly, the pacing is light though with gradual challenge weekly. Teacher Sky incorporated the theory and relevance with Chinese philosophical principles as the learning progresses. The meditation part (maintaining stillness) as well as the practice of this traditional art by the guidance of teacher Sky has been very relaxing.”– Raymond Siao


“The Qigong Foundational Course was was my first foray into the Art of Qigong, and it has helped me cultivate a newfound appreciation for Chinese medicine, breath-work and meditation. This course offers a solid foundation for anyone interested in qigong. I offer my sincerest gratitude to Sky for offering me an eternal wellspring of knowledge from an ancient practice that will benefit me for the rest of my life.”– Fiona Gurtiza

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