Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is a combination of two Sanskrit words – “nyasa” and “vi.” Together, these two words mean “to place in a special way.” 

Vinyasa stands at the opposite end of Hatha yoga. The focus of Hatha is maintaining a pose one at a time while Vinyasa is all about the flow. 

References to Vinyasa yoga dates back to the ancient Vedic texts. Each sequence of poses in Vinyasa is synchronized with a breath. The breath plays a central role in Vinyasa yoga as it serves as an anchor – it initiates the flow. 

Vinyasa is an expression of movement. It is the physical representation of a person’s thoughts and feelings.

Why Vinyasa Yoga? 

For the uninitiated, Vinyasa yoga seems like the rigorous next step to Hatha. While this practice is more physically demanding, the benefits remain a combination of the corporeal, and spiritual. 

Vinyasa Yoga for strength and flexibility

Vinyasa yoga is more demanding to the body. As there are no rests in between poses, this type of practice is great for those who are looking to build their strength and flexibility. 

Vinyasa Yoga for fun and variety

Because of the nature of Vinyasa, no two sessions are completely alike. The flow depends on one’s personal goals, feelings, and thoughts. For those who crave variety, Vinyasa is the right choice of yoga for you.

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