Hatha Yoga

In Sanskrit, Hatha literally translates to the word force. This practice involves the entirety of the person, breath, body, and mind, emphasising controlled breathing and posture. The main goal of this type of yoga is to align the body with a series of movements or asanas to improve the flow of energy. It focuses on one movement at a time with rest in between. 

Dating centuries, Hatha yoga was developed in the 15th century. It was popularized in the West by Swami Vivekananda in 1893. In the 1950’s Hatha gained a following through  Richard Hittleman’s popular TV program “Yoga For Health.”

While there is an emphasis on movement, Hatha yoga achieves so much more than physical changes. In this practice, an individual develops a deeper connection and understanding of their bodies. Like most practices, hatha yoga is a journey into oneself – love and appreciation with every breath. 

Why Hatha Yoga? 

Making yoga a part of your life provides boundless benefits. There is a form of yoga for everyone and Hatha is a great addition to anyone’s lifestyle.

Hatha Yoga for Anxiety and Depression

Hatha yoga is known to manage the effect of anxiety and depression. It acts as an effective supplement to therapy or prescription drugs. 

Hatha Yoga for Physical and Chronic Pain

Considering the physical aspect of Hatha yoga, it is no wonder how this practice can improve the quality of life of people who suffer from chronic pain. This includes but isn’t limited to back pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. 

Hatha Yoga for Mindfulness 

For most people, the practice of yoga is their first step in leading better, happier lives. Those who include Hatha yoga in their day-to-day develop a motivation to eat better and be kinder to themselves.

Experiencing Hatha Yoga the Qi Yoga Life Way

The Qi Yoga Life Hatha yoga program meets you at the level you currently are. The best version of yourself is within reach. It is our honor to help you get there. 

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