5 Element Qigong

The 5 Element Qigong system includes five dynamic forms, named after five graceful animals Dragon, Tiger, Leopard, Snake and Crane. This system also includes Qigong meditation and Qigong breathing techniques. Each animal form brings healing and balance to internal organs and the meridians of the body.

The 5 Element Qigong is comprised of deep stances, twists, breath control and special breathing techniques. It squeezes out toxins and emotions out of the organs while dynamically stretching the body to open the area up leaving you feeling rested, calm and focused. 

When: To Be Announced — Minimum of 5 Signups.

Platform: Zoom

*If you can’t make it live, classes will be recorded

Cost: $125 (PHP 6500) for all 7 classes

Instructor: Sky Yang

Online 5 Element Qigong Workshop

$125 (Php 6500) for all 7 classes


Online 5 Element Qigong Workshop – 1 Class Pass

This may only be used for 1 class only.



we offer Personal Qigong Training Sessions year-round for clients of any age and level. These classes will be tailored to your specific needs, goals and outcomes, and you will get an in-depth training with subtle corrections.


Learn Qigong at your own convenience at home! This option is also great for those people who are already learning Qigong from White Tiger Qigong Online Courses and would like to get a personal guidance.

Group Classes & Workshops

If you would like to gain an overview of Qigong, then a workshop will be a great choice for you. With group classes you will engage in regular practice, building up your repertoire of Qigong forms.

Sky is a genuine and generous teacher. He values his students and gives support the best he can. When I was first learning Qigong, I thought it was going to be intimidating but he made it feel all natural. You can really feel that he is very passionate with what he does and in sharing his knowledge. Sky is a teacher you really can depend on.” – Elly Burgonio
“Sky was the instructor for my Qigong course and i couldn’t have wanted for better. He was very supportive, encouraging and always gave his complete time and attention to any questions or things i needed to work on. He was very patient, calm and helped build confidence in my practice. He has a great eye and his feedback of my form was invaluable. I would recommend anyone to learn with, Sky, he is a very knowledgeable, likable and empathetic teacher.” – Faith Cobbum

“The greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.”

– Lao Tzu

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